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Solomou Card

Solomou card has been created to reward your purchases making them more pleasant and beneficial. 

 How it works:

 Simple and easy. Tell your phone number at the cashier. The cashier will run your phone number and your current purchases will be automatically added to your account. In the case of on-line shopping your points will be added automatically since you will be logged on.

 Reward policy:

 A gift voucher of €10 will be send to you, when the amount of your purchases reaches €200, which means a 5% discount. The discount will be increased to 10%, if your total purchases at the end of the year are more than €1000. Consequently, the more you buy the more you win.

 Gift vouchers can be exchanged separately or in combination with cash payment at Solomou Garden Centre.

 Purchases statement:

 You can ask for your purchases statement at our offices, on which all your purchases will be shown in detail or by sending us an email

 To view or print an application for Solomou card click on the link below or just log on above and make an on-line purchase.