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Solomou Landscaping started 27 years ago when Michalis Solomou set up his own business by building greenhouses for young plant production, for wholesale, to vegetable, ornamental and herb growers. Additionally, due to his passion for plants he started importing plants from abroad and undertook landscape projects all over Cyprus. Now, Solomou Landscaping is a professional company which deals with residential, public and commercial landscapes and interiorscapes. It is on-site with the Solomou Garden Centre in Nisou, where plants and other materials are easily supplied. Solomou Landscaping's portfolio includes projects that range from small balconies, shops and offices, to living walls and big roof gardens, to huge house gardens and parks.

Mission Statement: Using innovation and quality we always try to create the most successful design out of each situation. Our aim is to satisfy our client’s requirements in the best possible way, while at the same time working in harmony with the place’s distinctiveness.